Stretching Funds for Renovation – Guest Quarters Town-homes

In preparation for needed exterior renovations, the Guest Quarters Townhome ownership turned to MAHAN Construction Consulting & Management to develop a plan to stretch available funds and serve as the Construction Project Manager. In this role, MAHAN assessed and prioritized repairs, developed scopes of work, solicited vendor participation and then managed renovation activities representing the interest of the owners at all times. By engaging MAHAN, Guest Quarters Complex realized numerous benefits:

  • Over $75,000 in savings, resulting in additional services and repairs.
  • Professional project management, allowing ownership to conduct business as usual.
  • Single-source coordination & inspection of all activities and vendors.
  • Enhanced vendor participation and accountability.
  • Prioritized facility repairs with emphasis on greatest return on investment.
  • Long-term plan to address on-going maintenance and upkeep.
  • Proactive management of funds, release of liens and vendor payments.

Stretching Funds for Renovation - Guest Quarters Townhomes

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